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Abbaye de Leffe

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Leffe Rituel is a Belgian beer made by the Leffe brewery. It is a Belgian Strong Ale with an alcohol content of 9%.
The beer has a deep, brownish color and a cream-colored foam head. The smell is malty and fruity, with notes of caramel, raisins and dark fruits like plums and figs.
The taste of Leffe Rituel is complex and balanced, with a slightly sweet malty note balanced by hints of spice and a subtle bitterness. The alcohol content is noticeable but well integrated and gives the beer a slight warmth on the finish.
Leffe Rituel is full-bodied and moderately carbonated, making it a pleasant drinking experience. It is well suited as an accompaniment to hearty dishes such as grilled meat or mature cheese.
Overall, Leffe Rituel is a delicious and complex beer that can be recommended to lovers of Belgian strong ales and malty beers.


Water, BARLEY MALT, Corn, BARLEY, Hops, Hops Extract



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1000 Brussels

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