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Brauerei Hoegaarden

Hoegarden Rosée Fruchtbier Witbier | Alk. 3,0% vol. | 0,30L

Hoegarden Rosée Fruchtbier Witbier | Alk. 3,0% vol. | 0,30L

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About this product

Hoegaarden Rosée is a Belgian raspberry flavored beer based on the classic Hoegaarden wheat beer. It has a refreshing and fruity flavor that comes from the addition of raspberry juice and spices like coriander and orange peel. The beer has a light, golden color with a light pink hue and a fine-pored foam head. With an alcohol content of 3.0%. it is a light and refreshing drink for the summer. Hoegaarden Rosée is usually served in a characteristic bulbous bottle that emphasizes the distinctive taste of the beer. It's a good choice for those looking for a fruity and refreshing beer that isn't too strong.


Water, BARLEY MALT, WHEAT MALT, hops, raspberry syrup, sugar, coriander, orange peel


Mit Zucker und Süßungsmitteln.


Brewery Hoegaarden
Altenaken 1-3
3320 Hoegaarden

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